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October 20th, 2005

12:06 am - Hiyo!
Just found this community (Squee! I say, squee! 8)

My gaming preferences can be found at:

Hey, if anyone wants to schedule a meetup sometime, I'd be happy to attend (or host)

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March 3rd, 2005

03:37 pm - Werewolf: the Forsaken
I realize this is a pretty small group to ask, but I was wondering whether anyone was interested in participating in a Werewolf: the Forsaken chronicle. Maybe twice a month, prob'ly a weekday evening, Downtown Portland if held at my place.

While I have experience GMing (D&D, CoC, Amber, Champions, etc.), it would be my first time running a tabletop World of Darkness game (new or old). Most of my WoD experience comes from the Camarilla fan club LARP. Currently, I'm on the Cam's global storytelling staff, in charge of kicking off the new Forsaken chronicle, so I've had a few months already to digest the material.

If you're interested, but aren't sure, I'll be at Game Storm (http://www.gamestorm.org), Mar 25-27. You can prob'ly find me to ask me questions, and I might be running a demo/intro game, depending on my schedule.

Forsaken, BTW, is excellent. WoD games, in general, have never been my faves, but I've always liked Werewolf, and this is a very nice revision. It goes on sale mid-March.
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January 20th, 2005

04:07 pm - Game Storm, March 25-27
Just a reminder to folks that Game Storm is coming up. I made an advert specifically for Camarilla members, but I thought I'd crosspost an edited version here in case anyone was looking for information (particularly since hotel info was a bit hard to come by with the recent sale of the Columbia River Doubletree). Hopefully, I will see you folks there.

oakthorne, has someone contacted you to be a Guest? If not, please let me know and I'll make sure someone contacts you!

More info on Game Storm...Collapse )
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November 2nd, 2004

09:42 am - Orycon Room Party
I will be co-hosting a room party Friday at Orycon 26 on behalf of the Camarilla fan club. Even if you're not interested in the club, feel free to drop by to socialize, snack, and imbibe (21 and over). I've only recently moved to Portland, and I enjoy meeting new people.

The room has yet to be determined. Keep an eye out for flyers at the con. Seeya' there!
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June 6th, 2004

11:18 pm - Want a FREE copy of Exalted?
I have found the coolest website EVER.


Apparently they specialize in providing low-priced E-book versions of your favorite RPGs. SWEET! I have already downloaded my FREE copy of the Exalted Core Book. If you are a geek with a credit card and a high-speed connection (or a reliable dial-up and you don;t mind waiting) visit this site. Lots of damn cool stuff.

Just thought I'd share the love.
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May 11th, 2004

11:16 am - Moving to Portland
Greetings. I'll be moving to Downtown Portland from Tacoma next Saturday. Thankfully, I've just been offered an IT Manager position after a long dry spell. Any advice you all have to offer regarding the city and the local gaming community would be most welcome.

I'm currently an Assistant National Coordinator for the Camarilla, and I'm a regular participant in their global, LARP-based chronicle. Oddly, despite the fact that Werewolf and Mage are the only World of Darkness genres that interest me, I primarily play Vampire in the club.

An all-inclusive list of tabletop games I enjoy would prob'ly be too long for this medium. However, I think I can narrow my favorites down to Alternity, Amber DRPG, Call of Cthulhu, Champions, and D&D d20. Games I'd like to try include Aberrant, Adventure!, BESM, and d20 Modern.

Once I'm settled in, I'd love to get involved in a local game. If anyone has anything starting the next couple months, it'd be great to meet new people.

~ Chuck Childers
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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February 6th, 2004

01:28 pm - theWorld...
Ya know what folks, trying to come up with your own world for stories and stuff is not all that easy. Don't let anyone tell you it is... THEY LIE!
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February 5th, 2004

09:52 pm - Hiya'
Nice idea for a community. I'm not quite in the PDX area, tho' I visit a lot, and once I'm done with school (dislocated Business Analyst going through re-training by getting a 4-year degree that I never had time for before), I'd like to move there. I'm actually from Tacoma.

I'm a long-time gamer having started 26 years ago with the original D&D white box.

My favorite RPGs (right now) are:
  • Amber Diceless RPG

  • Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium)

  • Alternity (just got done with a huge multi-year campaign)

  • D&D/D20

  • Adventure!

Because I wanted to get a date with someone back in 1995, I'm currently the US Chapters Coordinator for the Camarilla, a White Wolf fan club that specializes in a world-wide LARP campaign set in the World of Darkness. Oddly - considering the effort I put into the club - I'm not into Vampires as a genre (the Camarilla's most popular), tho' I enjoy both Mage and Werewolf.

Nice meeting you!
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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09:30 pm - Woo Hoo!!!
Yay, there are people actually responding...
I know, I know, only two, but hey, it's a start!
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05:02 pm - Okay then...
Considering I haven't even had the time to introduce myself to the gang on queerportland yet...

Hi. We just moved to the area, and two of us have LJs--myself and my partner catdancer. At the moment, four of us are playing a round-robin affair--currently, we're playing a mix of RIFTS and Nightbane (Nightbane being a fascinating RPG that Palladium put out)--that rotates games by whomever's wanting to GM at the moment. In our group there's me (bi, but not that attracted to guys at the moment), my partner (bi domme, and really not bi, either, more 'anything that vaguely breathes'), my cousin (far as I can tell, straight, but lives with her roommate, and has for the past several years), and La Roommate (who's definitely in the gay camp).

We play RIFTS, Nightbane, Heroes, traditional D&D, and have in the past played Traveler, Cyberpunk, Earthdawn (*shudder!*) and other, less recognizeable systems, and are pretty open to people joining our games (who have no cat allergies), or to joining other games (depending on day and time).

So...hey there.
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