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Hiya' - Pen & Paper Queers

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February 5th, 2004

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09:52 pm - Hiya'
Nice idea for a community. I'm not quite in the PDX area, tho' I visit a lot, and once I'm done with school (dislocated Business Analyst going through re-training by getting a 4-year degree that I never had time for before), I'd like to move there. I'm actually from Tacoma.

I'm a long-time gamer having started 26 years ago with the original D&D white box.

My favorite RPGs (right now) are:
  • Amber Diceless RPG

  • Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium)

  • Alternity (just got done with a huge multi-year campaign)

  • D&D/D20

  • Adventure!

Because I wanted to get a date with someone back in 1995, I'm currently the US Chapters Coordinator for the Camarilla, a White Wolf fan club that specializes in a world-wide LARP campaign set in the World of Darkness. Oddly - considering the effort I put into the club - I'm not into Vampires as a genre (the Camarilla's most popular), tho' I enjoy both Mage and Werewolf.

Nice meeting you!
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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