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Okay then... - Pen & Paper Queers

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February 5th, 2004

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05:02 pm - Okay then...
Considering I haven't even had the time to introduce myself to the gang on queerportland yet...

Hi. We just moved to the area, and two of us have LJs--myself and my partner catdancer. At the moment, four of us are playing a round-robin affair--currently, we're playing a mix of RIFTS and Nightbane (Nightbane being a fascinating RPG that Palladium put out)--that rotates games by whomever's wanting to GM at the moment. In our group there's me (bi, but not that attracted to guys at the moment), my partner (bi domme, and really not bi, either, more 'anything that vaguely breathes'), my cousin (far as I can tell, straight, but lives with her roommate, and has for the past several years), and La Roommate (who's definitely in the gay camp).

We play RIFTS, Nightbane, Heroes, traditional D&D, and have in the past played Traveler, Cyberpunk, Earthdawn (*shudder!*) and other, less recognizeable systems, and are pretty open to people joining our games (who have no cat allergies), or to joining other games (depending on day and time).

So...hey there.
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